Before you start keeping breeding (or just keeping) Takydromus sexlineatus

Before you start breeding Takydromus, realize this!

I am pro breeding with Takydromus. For now 98% of Takydromus are wild-caught animals and I am against catching animals from the wild, selling them cheap in pet stores, mostly to people who’ll buy them in an impulse and have no experience with lizards what so ever. Too many Takydromus’ die in the first year of captivity due to a lack of experience of their new owners or because people buy them for their kids as a substitute of a hamster. Next to that the lizards often are damaged while caught and transported to countries in Europe, the America’s and to Russia.

But because of this there is a downside on captive breeding too!

Problems you will face trying to do it right.

Most people are ignorant about the things I described above and will buy the little lizards from stores without thinking. When you have reared young Takydromus’  successfully you might find it hard to find new owners for them. People aren’t searching for captive bred grass lizards. They do not know or they do not care.  Be aware that costs you’ve made will not be compensated with selling the young. The best chance of selling the young is selling them to pet stores and reptile stores for a small price. That means your baby Takydromus’ will end up as pets of impulsive buyers who were never been given good information about keeping Takydromus. And unfortunately, in most pet stores  your lizards will have a hard life already because the people there have a lack on information and experience with these animals.

Doing it right will cost you  time and money and at the end can become a frustrating experience for you, finding that the young will not end up with serious lizard keepers having a long and good life.

So, if you do not want to consider these things, do not start breeding with Takydromus! And if you feel burdened with the whole situation and your only motivation of keeping Takydromus is the fun of it, do not even buy them.

Disturbing wild animals in their natural environment, catching them from the wild to end up in somebody’s tank as a pet is wrong!

In my opinion Takydromus deserves serious enthusiasts for keeping and breeding them, who cherish the idea of ending wild catching of the species and ending their reputation of cheap to buy easy pets for children and all ignorant people who want a reptile instead of a goldfish.

Unfortunately, in our throwaway society it will be hard to change this all.The only chance of success will be when the consumer is aware of this all and will not agree with this situation.

Then it might end up with never again seeing Takydromus in captivity. Well, so be it! The well-being of the species and not disturbing wild animals is in my opinion much more important then our hobby.

Serious hobbyists should team up in their own countries for an exchange of young animals and start a studbook. Share your experience with others and speak out. Only then we can bring the well being and reputation of Takydromus sexlineatus to a higher level. Be aware and be honest and if you can’t, don’t even start.




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