The Asian grass lizard lat. Takydromus sexlineatus is sold in many petstores as a nice vivarium animal through out the world. Sold for hardly any price, so anyone can buy them and keep them at home in a tank.

But there is such a great lack of information about keeping Takydromus s. that a lot of people keep them in wrong conditions, even when they are seriously searching for information, having the best intentions.

The information given is a lot of times provided by people who just started keeping them and who make the mistakes caused by wrong and contradicting information on care sheets that you can find on the internet and what’s been told in the pet store.

I am not a biologist, I’do not have a degree in animal behaviour. But when I started with Takydromus s. 6 years ago I wanted good information about how to keep these lizards and found that not only in the country where I live (the Netherlands EU), there isn’t much good info, but through out the world there is only  summarily information to find.

So through the years I tried to get in contact with people who have experience with Takydromus s. I tried different things and learned from successes and bad mistakes.

I studied habitats, collected information of people with years of experience, made contact with biologists who study South East Asian animals, habitats and climate and read all kinds of published studies about all sorts of things that have to do with Takydromus sexlineatus.

So, I want to share my own experience and  the information I got from people, with people all over the world who keep or want to keep the little Asian grass lizard, with the purpose of making life a little better.

Next to that, I hope to get input from people who are experienced with this genus (also the other Takydromus species) to make information complete.

If you would like to discuss about Takydromus or share information, I like to welcome you on facebook, where I started the page Takydromus, with the same picture as you will find on this blog.

For the meantime, have fun! Learn and make the best enclosure for your grass lizard you can!



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